get in touch with the swiss feeling of modern messaging

focus on privacy

Designed to be the most private messenger in the world

Practical, modern messenger with full functionality for iOS and Android

Independent company under Swiss data protection law and GDPR-compliant

Complex encryption system for all transmitted data

All servers are located in data centers in Switzerland

No storage of user data on the servers

No connection to a telephone number and no collection of user identification data


get information from the very first hands

01.What is TeleGuard?

02.How is TeleGuard financed?

03.Why is TeleGuard better than other messengers?

04.Must I do TeleGuard updates?

05.What is a TeleGuard ID?

06.How do I add friends?

07.Web / Desktop Version

08.Which operating systems are supported?

09.Will there be a TeleGuard business solution?

10.How do I delete my account?

11.How is my privacy protected?

12.How do I login / logout?

13.Can a backup be made?

14.What are channels?

15.Call and video call function.

16.How many languages does TeleGuard support?

17.Instructions for connecting additional devices when upgrading to TeleGuard 2.0.0

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By downloading and installing this app from the APK you accept the term that if the functionality of the app varies from the official download pages (Google Play and App Store), you waive any claims. You further accept full responsibility for checking for and installing updates.

Please note that APK installation is not compatible with Play Store installation. This means that the app can only be updated from the same source it was installed from.

Also, when updating the application through the APK, we strongly recommend that you make backups. In case of any problems, you can reinstall the application and recover your data.

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