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MyVoice: High-quality simultaneous audio broadcasting


At conferences, events and presentations, the MyVoice app makes it possible to transmit the interpreter's translation directly to the listener ‒ both on site and online.


Finally, an uncomplicated app for every interpreter! The number of translation groups is almost unlimited.

Live simultaneous translation for conferences, presentations or meetings.


simultaneous translation is now very easy.

Absolutely simple linking

  • No investment in expensive devices
  • Interpreters and listeners use their own smartphones
  • Absolutely hygienic and climate-friendly
  • Free for the listener


The prices are fair and manageable! Only the actual usage time will be charged!

The use of the app is only chargeable for the organizers of audio transmissions.

For listeners, the app is free.

3 hours * free of charge
100 hours * of streaming 13.50
500 hours * streaming 65
1500 hours * streaming 190

The time of all active listeners is counted in total (e.g. 100 transmission hours = 10 listeners have the opportunity to receive 10 transmission hours each).


Audio transmission for interpreters at events and functions

Interpreters can easily transmit translations to tour groups on excursions via the myVoice app

Other events that require instant audio transmission to groups of listeners, no problem with MyVoice.


Download the app on any mobile platform (iOS, Android), pay for the desired number of hours and your interpreter’s translation can immediately be send live with the audio transmission.
Using the app is free for listeners.


By downloading and installing this app from the APK you accept the term that if the functionality of the app varies from the official download pages (Google Play and App Store), you waive any claims. You further accept full responsibility for checking for and installing updates.

Please note that APK installation is not compatible with Play Store installation. This means that the app can only be updated from the same source it was installed from.

Also, when updating the application through the APK, we strongly recommend that you make backups. In case of any problems, you can reinstall the application and recover your data.

APK file

Two options are available for installation. An installation from the Snap Store (recommended) with the benefit of an automatic update, or from a deb package with external dependencies downloaded from public locations (in this case the application can only be updated manually).

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